Can I Get Money for Flood-Damaged Cars?

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Has your car been flooded? What’s the best course of action to get the most value for your vehicle?

Whether the damage was caused by a storm or rising floodwaters, you’ll have to decide whether you can apply for insurance or sell the car as scrap.

Here are the answers to all your questions about what to do with a flood-damaged car.

Is My Car Totalled?

The key question is how far the water reached. You may have taken water into the engine if you drove through a flooded area.

If the water got past the flooring and into the electronics, the car will definitely need to be written off. That decision will be made by your insurance company. The engine will have to be uninstalled from the car and examined.

Should I Have My Car Repaired?

 It is possible to restore a vehicle with flood damage, but it’s unlikely to be worth your time or your money.

No matter how totalled your car may seem after suffering from flood damage, all damage is repairable – for a fee.

Of course, if the cost of the repairs exceeds the threshold of your vehicle insurance, then you’ll be paying out of your own pocket for the repairs.

What can be damaged by flooding?

Even if the engine can be saved, the interior will be affected. The upholstery and carpets will need to be cleaned of silt, but the musty odours can still linger.

Performance can be affected too, leading to costly ongoing maintenance issues.

Your car may continue to have electrical problems that come and go. Rust can be a concern for the crank and camshafts, gearbox, bearings, rings, cylinder bores and driveline if the engine was immersed or exposed to water.

It’s hard to say how long a car will continue to function after being flooded, because each vehicle and scenario is different.

Is flood damage covered by insurance?

Flooding is not normally covered by car insurance.

Flood damage will only be included if you have comprehensive coverage, which covers accidents outside of road collisions, such as theft and natural disasters ranging from fire to flooding.

If the vehicle damage was caused by hydroplaning while driving on wet roads, this will be covered by normal collision insurance. However, otherwise, you either need comprehensive insurance that includes flood damage, or you’re on your own with the repair costs.

What about home insurance? Even if you have this type of insurance, it won’t cover flood damage to your car. It makes no difference whether your car was parked at home inside your garage when it was flooded.

Should I Sell My Car for Scrap?

If you don’t have comprehensive vehicle insurance, or you don’t want to deal with the hassle of claiming flood damage, your best bet is a cash for cars service, like AB Car Removals.

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